Who is ETMF...

We are a group of Ella's closest friends from high school, all studying at something different at different colleges around the US. 

About us..

Sarah Jane

Hi! I am a junior at Clemson University, studying Middle Grades Education! I know how much these two organizations helped Ella throughout her life and allowed her to be the amazing, bubbly person we all love. I am excited for our 2nd fundraiser this year and hope to spread awareness and raise money to help other kids living with CHD!! 


Hi! I am a junior studying Biopsychology at the University of Michigan. I am a pre-pharmacy student who is busy working as a campus tour guide and Pharmacy Technician at the Hospital. I am eager for this year's fundraiser and hope to spread more awareness about congenital heart disease!


Hello! I am a junior at Michigan Tech majoring in Forestry with a minor in Environmental Studies. My favorite memory with Ella was when we watched Barbie and The Nutcracker while devouring two bags of boom chicka pop.


Hey hey! I met Ella in middle school and we spent every day walking home together. I miss those smiles and her laughter, but I’m excited to spread her joy and bubbliness through this foundation. I’m currently studying International Business and Accounting at George Washington University in Washington, DC. On the weekends, I love painting, hosting movie nights, and exploring the city!

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"My favorite memory with Ella was watching her play goalie on our soccer team when we were just in elementary school. She was never the tallest girl on the team, but her face light up like no other when she caught the ball and it's something I'll never forget" - Abbey

"My favorite thing about Ella was how loving and supportive she was of all of her friends. Even when we were making stupid or silly descisions Ella was there through all of it, loving and encouraging us along the way. She alway pushed us to do our best in all situations." - Anna


"I miss those smiles and her laughter, but I’m excited to spread her joy and bubbliness through this foundation." - Maddy